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Drekmas Submissions!

The submission deadline for DrekFest 2019 is


All entries must be RECEIVED by the entry deadline.

Finalists will be chosen to compete for cash prizes

MONDAY, DECEMBER 9 th , 2019

At The ComedySportz Theatre Chicago

929 W. Belmont in Chicago

You snow the drill! Stage Left presents DrekFest, a search for the WORST 10-minute play! We’re on a mission to expose bad writing for what it really is: damn funny. We are not out to make fun of writers or those who love them. We ask good writers to intentionally write awful plays so that we may laugh at them.

So, get ready to SLEIGH!

Send us your horrible, hilarious, so-bad-it’s-good scripts,

and this time make it


Plays must be performed in ten minutes or less. The performances will be timed. Plays exceeding 10 minutes will be ended with the sound of an annoying buzzer and action will be stopped immediately.

Maximum of 5 actors per script (but write as many characters as you please).

Please include the following materials with your submission:

  • Your contact information and availability on December 9th for the performance (You do not need to be able to travel to Chicago in order to send a submission to DrekFest; however, most of the fun is in being there!)

  • Your play(s). Do NOT include your name, by-line or contact info on the play itself

  • Your submission fee of $10.00 per play. Once we receive your script(s), you will receive a link by email to pay your fee online

All submission fees will go entirely towards the cash prizes awarded to the Grand Loser and runners-up.

Please send your submissions to:

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