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Stage Left Theatre hosts online play readings of new, though-provoking plays once a month allowing actors, directors, and playwrights to advance their artistic visions while interacting with the perceptions of engaged audience members like you!

The readings take place over Zoom and will feature discussions on the play following the reading with the playwright (when available). 

Audiences will receive a link to join the reading after purchase of a pay-what-you-can ticket ($5 minimum.)

Up Next

Monday, January 23, 2022 - 7:00pm CST

via Zoom



Written by Peter Jake Ruiz


What becomes of our world 75 years from now? Peter Ruiz explores what can happen when white supremacy rules in ‘The Knotted Truth’, a dystopian sci-fi that challenges the roles we must play in society.

For the teenagers in Unit 652, great anticipation swells for their participation in The Forked Path, where every 16 year old must decide whether to stay on Earth or be banished to a Satellite planet. In the week leading up to her 16th birthday, Sarah learns things about her world that put everything she’s ever known into question.

As Sarah continues to unravel the truths about the present and past, she questions what’s reality for her, her family, and for the people on Earth. Along the way, an old friend comes back into her life, bonds are tested and a decision must be made.

Peter Ruíz (they/them/theirs) is a playwright, dramaturg, and actor originally from Orlando but based in Chicago. Their play Cruise? was part of Stage Left's Spring Fling. Peter is the Literary Coordinator for A Red Orchid Theatre. They are passionate about collaborating with BIPOC and Gender Diverse Playwrights as well as revitalizing the works of BIPOC Playwrights of the past in efforts to decolonize and deconstruct notions of canon. Peter is also a core collaborator with The Blueprint, an education initiative for and by BIPOC artists.  

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