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On the Move!

I am so pleased to officially announce, on behalf of Stage Left, that the Athenaeum Theatre is our new home! Though we called Theater Wit our place of residence for the last seven seasons, the opportunity to form a partnership with such a historic venue was too great to pass up; the possibilities for artistic growth are truly dizzying!

Like Theater Wit, the Athenaeum is a multi-stage venue with four different spaces of various sizes at our disposal, giving us the flexibility to customize the theatrical environment according to the needs of each show. As Residents of the Athenaeum, we’ll be breathing the same creative air as such storied companies as Congo Square and Eclipse Theatre Company, and bringing our scripts to life in the same walls that have housed over one hundred years of theatrical innovation. And with the additional communal gathering spaces that the Athenaeum provides (as well as an elevator, a parking lot, AND a bar), our audiences will have ample and inviting space to discuss and debate the shows to complete the Stage Left experience. At the intersection at Wellington and Southport, it’s also only a few blocks from our former stomping ground, with several excellent dining options nearby.

With our Chicago premiere of Building the Wall less than two weeks away, we’ve got a bold season launcher to match our bold new digs, and the result will be the kind of theatrical experience that Stage Left is known for: intimate, immediate, and incisive. We can’t wait to share it all with you.

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