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Returning this summer at Theater on the Lake!
August 28 – 31, 2018

by Robert O'Hara

directed by Wardell Julius Clark
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Ron, a young, gay African-American graduate student, trying to complete his thesis on Nat Turner’s slave rebellion, is feeling lost in his life and alienated from his family. When his 189-year-old great, great grandfather TJ takes him back in time to meet Turner in the flesh, both men find answers they never expected. The play deals with themes of racial identity and sexuality, as Ron comes to face his ancestors’ history, and his own personal identity. A raucous, wrenching story, part Roots, part The Wizard of Oz, part In Living Color, and all Robert O’Hara, Insurrection: Holding History will change how you see the past, and just maybe yourself as well.
Our hit production returns for a limited run remount...5 shows only!
Theater on the Lake | Chicago Summer Theater Festival 2018
Aug 28 - 31 | 2401 N Lakeshore Dr
For more info, visit the Chicago Park District website, or call 312-742-7994


Understudies: Adia Alli, Marcus D. Moore, Jazzma Pryor, Sam Woodhull

Production Team

Stage Manager: JC Widman
Production Manager: Matt Super
Scenic Designer: Kathy Arfken*
Lighting Designer: Kaili Story
Costume Designer: Uriel Gomez

Sound Designer: Matthew Bonham Lockdall

Movement Consultant: Breon Arzell

Violence Design: Brian Plocharczyk

Intimacy Design: Rachel Flesher

Technical Director: Bobby Huggins
Dramaturg: Jared Bellot
Assistant Director: Kanomé Jones*

Assistant Stage Manager: Martina Scofano

Assistant Lighting Designer: Sami Rivera
Logo Design: Tony Churchill

*Ensemble Member     †Stage Left Artistic Associate     ^Stage Left Staff

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